Splash Section
Use this for a splash section

Responsive Splash Page

This page is to show a large image with a few links with a focused image.

Header and Sub header Section

The header should be fairly short (1 - 5 words) to quickly inform the user the purpose of this section. The sub header is to provide any additional information you want to present to the user.

Background Image

The background image should be dark enough to make the white letters in the header pop. The best type of image will be purely decoration without any text.

Links Section

There should be 4 - 6 links that fit in the criteria of the header. The text should be 1 - 8 words in length, the shorter the better.

Focus Image

Each Splash section uses 1 focus image. That image will always be to the right of your links. The purpose is to draw attention to an important event or program for you department.