Border Example

With the responsive template you can drop many different types of features on your home page. Because you can build and order your features how ever you choose how you create the break between features is up to you. In some cases you may not want a break, or use small feature like the 3 image banner as a break. In other cases you may want to use a border.

To give you control over your home page the border elements comes in several different colors and widths. One thing to help you plan is that Ektron will only allow you to drop 1 instance of feature in each page. So if you want multiple borders on a single page you'll have to create multiple instances. But you can reuse features for different pages.

Border Example Below

Above is an example of 2 features without any borders

Below are 3 different border examples with the same features.

The border below this is the red,

The next border is green

The final border is black