Page Layouts - Smart Forms

We have built out the most common smart form pages for agencies to use. A smart form is a form which guides content contributors to simply fill out a form to add content to a website while not having to know any HTML or programming languages.By using a smart form all content is added in a uniform and organize manner.

We will continually add new smart forms to the system and will post them here along with a sample of the features they provide. In the mean time choose a smart form type from the left menu to see a sample of the layout and the different style options to choose from.


The page smart form provides content contributors a form to populate a general information page. The form provides for basic paragraph and images. It also provides for the selection of two header options.


The links smart form can be utilized to display a list of related links. The options include building links by category along with 5 layout options.

Meetings & Agendas

Meetings and Agendas smart form provides for three unique styles to display minutes, agendas and attachments along with the date and time of each meeting. Content contributors can populate the full year and come back at any time before or after the meetings to post agendas, minutes and any attachments related to the meeting.

Press Releases

The press releases section is a combination of using the template and the smart forms. The listing of press items has only one style with the press release itself comes in two style options. The press release allows for content contributors to attach images, documents and links to the press release.


Glossary provides a way to list definitions and terms related to the topic or agency. There are two styles to choose from.