Smart Form: Glossary - Style 1

The following Items are definitions for the IT Section.

Communication Systems
Provides primary public safety communication infrastructure support for State agencies, federal and local public safety entities operating in Nevada. Also provides communication transport services, microwave communication channels, mountaintop communication site space and engineering.
Computer Operations
Provides computer-processing services (24 x 7 x 365) using various computing platforms, including mainframe and server farm. Also provides hosting of server hardware for agencies.
Contract Administration
Responsible for developing and issuing Requests for Proposals that include information technology components, contract review and monitoring, and coordination and monitoring of State agency requests for IT consultants through the DoIT Master Service Agreements.
Data Networking (SilverNet)
DoIT’s statewide data network providing high-speed/broadband network connectivity services for State agencies, local and county governments. Secure services include high-speed internet access, dialup and Virtual Private Network connectivity.
Database Administration
Provides comprehensive database and information management services for the executive branch of State government. This includes database and information administration services such as database design and support, and specialized and multi-user data file design and management.
Coordinates departmental and statewide IT policies, standards and procedures and the online State Telephone Directory.
Enterprise Architecture
Enterprise Architecture develops and maintains enterprise-wide IT models, standards, and best practices for use in strategic planning, technology planning, IT budgeting, IT procurement, RFP development and review, and project management to assist State agencies with IT reusability, integration, interoperability, and IT alignment with strategic and business goals. Help Desk: Assists customers with IT problems and IT service requests.
Internet Services
Hosts websites and web applications. Also provides specialized web functions such as e-mail and online conferencing.