Responsive Body

This is the Responsive Body page. It can be used as a Home Page feature or a stand alone page. The purpose of the Responsive Body is to be a flexible use page to display text, images, or twitter feeds.

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Full Width Column

The Responsive Body has several choices to the width of each column. This is an example of a full page width.

1/3 Width

This is an example of a 1/3 width page. If you break your page into thirds you should only use 1/3 or 2/3 column breaks.


This is an example of a 2/3 column width. You can use this with the 1/3 column width.

1/2 page Column Width

This is the example of a half page. You can use either the another 1/2 page or 1/4 page widths.

1/4 Page Column Width

1/4 Page Column Width Example

1/4 Page Column Example

This is another example of a 1/4 page column width.