Welcome to the demo website

This website has been developed to show the different responsive templates that are currently available with the State of Nevada Content Management System, Ektron. These templates are basically using a wire frame so you can mix and match different content together to create content in your website. Below are a few examples. 

  • Nevada Ski Packages! $65
  • Road Conditions
  • DMV Kiosks
  • NV Jobs
  • Start A business in Nevada
Department of Administration Services
Providing budgeting, fiscal and other over site for your technology needs.
App Development
Application Development Services
Develop and maintenance web, desktop and database applications / systems.
Information Security
Information Security Services
Statewide security services, awareness and administration of security programs.
Technical Operations
Technical Operations Services
Provide Email, web hosting, enterprise server services and windows server hosting.


Photos, video, audio and other media files tend to be large and require a lot of bandwidth. Since hosting fees include bandwidth charges, placing these items on external free websites saves agency's money.

  • Videos should be posted to YouTube
  • Audio files should be converted to mp4 and posted to YouTube
  • Photo galleries should be posted to FLICKR
  • Twitter
  • Facebook