Breakdown of the Responsive Upgrade

Below is a breakdown of the differences between the current Ektron Version and the upgraded version and why that upgrade occured.

Original Header

The current header is broken into 4 parts.

1. Agency Logo, this can be either the Seal of the State of Nevada, or a custom agency logo

2. Agency Department and Division

3. Google Search box, ADA Complaint, and Print Screen Buttons

4. Links that take you to the Agency List, Jobs, and About Nevada


Responsive Header

The new responsive menu has a couple different features designed for mobile and works with desktop. The first thing is that when the users is on the mobile the menu collapses to the mobile menu icon since the menu is to wide to fit on their displays. The other thing you may notice is that it's shorter. The reason is to bring more focus on your content, the reason the user has visited your site.

1. The Agency logo has moved from the header to the menu. When clicked it will take you to the home screen

2. Agency Department and Division is smaller, but still present.

3. The Search and print have been changed to icons to save space. When the Search icon is clicked it transforms the header to a search bar.

4. The Agency List, Jobs, About Nevada, and ADA are still present.

5. You may notice we've also added your social media icons to the header now. Before they were located only at the bottom, but to better keep you better engaged with the population they have been placed in a more prominent spot on the page.


Original Footer

The original footer is white on blue with a compact look. The Social media icons are small to fit within the space.

Responsive Footer

The first change is the red color bar to the right to group the different menu categorizes. To assist mobile users who's fingers are not as accurate as a mouse pointer each menu item is given more surrounding space. Also to assist mobile users the social media icons are larger.